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Cody W. Cleveland

Cody Cleveland was a 16 year old sophomore at Spaulding High School who died in April, 2009 of Cystic Fibrosis. Those who knew Cody, knew him more for his kind demeanor and positive attitude than his disease. A two-sport athlete at Spaulding High School, he could only be described as a "charming, kind" teenager who liked things a typical teen boy would like. In his sophomore year he was looking forward to getting his license — even though he was a "bad parker". He loved the outdoors and his time spent on yearly camping trips to Steep Falls, Maine, where he would sit by the fire and just hang out with his close friends.

Cody's future aspirations included either playing for the Boston Celtics or starting up his own restaurant. For Cody the cystic fibrosis was "normally not an obstacle," until a virus swept through the basketball team, from which Cody could not recover. On Monday, April 6, 2009 at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, while surrounded by family and friends...Cody passed away.

This scholarship was created in order to help preserve the kindness and generosity that Cody demonstrated throughout his life.


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